Tsugaru Shamisen


One of the largest school of Tsugaru-Shamisen. I ues its score.

You can get Shamisen here.(Japanese only) I get shamisen on this shop.

Bachido.com The English site You can learn
shamisen online.
Tea Ceremony of Ueda-Soko ryu The school which I practic tea ceremony. The founder was a Samurai.
Aikido Aikikai The website of Aikido which I go to practice.I live near the headquater.
Tokyo Ryokan lodging accomodation sawanoya Friendly Japanese style hotel where I sometimes play instruments.
shamisen sensei.com

Lesson for beginners and tourists in Tokyo.She mainly teaches minyo, hauta, zokukyoku.

Institute for Japanese cultural exchassnge and experience You can try Japanese culuture with low price! koto,shamisen,sword,tea ceremony ,martial arts etc..