Kouzan Oyama
He was born in Ehime Prefecture,Japan in 1979.

He attended Hiroshima City University Information Technology faculty,
Being fascinated by the Tsugaru-Shamisen(Three-stringed Japanese guitar ), it became the focus of life.

He studied at Sakuyou musical junior college
majoring in Koto( Japanese horizontal harp), graduated 1999.

He started Aikido (Japanese traditional martial arts) at about the same time and has now reached 2nd grade of black belt to pursue the spirit of Japanese culture.

He became a teacher with a master grade licence of Oyama style Tsugaru-Shamisen school and he won 1st place at the Tsugaru Shamisen World Competition twice in a row,2018 and 2019.

Frequently appeared in news papers and on TV programs or other media in Japan.
English test, Toeic score of 875(The requirement for an administrative position of foreign companies in Japan ).

He published sheet music of Yoshida Brothers.'Tsugaru Shamisen All in One'
He created many recordings of Tsugaru Shamisen. 'Tsugaru Shamisen Nadaba'
He released the introduction for a beginners' lesson DVD.
Tsugaru Shamisen Introduction DVD

One of the directors of that kind of Non Profit Organization , IJCEE( Institute for Japanese Traditional Culture Experience and Education.)

Has classes in Shinjuku.The classes in New York started from 2013.In 2015 he performed and did a lecture at Vassar University in NY in 2015.
Performed at palace of parliament in Bucharest ,Romania 2022 hosted by Japanese goverment.

Now he is the president of Shishido Inc.

A lot of foreign students learn Shamisen from him.

Tsugaru-Shamisen learned from Mitugu Oyama
Koto learned from Hikaru Sawai
Sanshin learned from Rumiko Ymashiro.

Emanuel Lutheran Church Concert in NYC in 2013
World Music Institute , Japanese Salon by Kouzan Oyama



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Oyama Kouzan New York Concert 2016 movie by(TNY, Weekly New York Life)


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