Tsugaru Shamisen Buying tips

Everyday lowest price Tsugaru Shamisen Begginer's set

Tsugaru Shamisen's largest group, Oyamakai's certified master,
Oyama Kouzan recommend this begginer's set.


Futozao(Thick neck type)Synsetic skin, One solid neck,With Azuma Sawari Soft case.

Shipping fee
7,300円 Asia 10,100円 North America 11,400円 Europe 19,300円 Africa,South America
If you pay by paypal, it requires 4.2% paypal commission. 7,607yen(Asia) 10,524yen (North America) 11,879yen(Europe) 20,111yen(Africa,South America)

Review (no edit)
I am very happy with the Tsugaru Shamisen I bought from Shamimaster Shishido. It has all the necessary features in order to fully enjoy and start playing Tsugaru Shamisen.Not only is it very robust and hearty, but I really like the black colored pads and itomaki that came with it!

-Doanh Nguyen
Boca Raton, FL

We ship it with the state you can play soon

Jongara played by Begginer's set movie

All accesaries included
Bachi(Plastic) ,Finger Slider, Koma(Bamboo) ,String,Shamisen position sticker, Body Rubber


If you want to order it,please contact to

Payment ; paypal.(accept credit card,we require 5%of paypal comission)

Shamisen grade is classiffied depends on the neck,

Basically the heavier and harder one is better.

The grade is Karin, Shitan, Kouki,
but Shitan does not used so often.

Karin (Beginners Shaimisen) 65000yen
1 Africa Karin Set
Thick Karin neck,Aduma-Sawari,NobeZao (Neck cannot be taken apart into three parts),Synthetic Skin, Soft case, all the accesaries

cheapest one does not easily break.durability is not bad, but of course expensive shamisen will make good sound.

2 Mituori Karin Set 140000yen
Thick Karin neck,Aduma-Sawari Mitsuori (Neck can be taken apart into three parts) ,Real Skin ,Case not included

3 Nami(Regular) Kouki 250000yen
Thick Kouki neck,Aduma-Sawari Mitsuori (Neck can be taken apart into three parts) ,Real Skin ,Case not included

4, Kinhozo Ayasugi Kouki 450000yen
Thick Kouki neck(joint is covered with gold,(kinhozo) ) Ayasugi Dou(Carved body inside) Thick neck,Aduma-Sawari Mitsuori (Neck can be taken apart into three parts) ,Real Skin ,Case not includeds

Sound Quality Difference Movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDetXNlhepo

7,300円 Asia 10,100円 North America 11,400円 Europe 19,300円 Africa,South America
About Bachi(pick)
We use Bekko ,or turtle shell as Tsugaru Shamisen's pick.
The Bachi included in the bigginer's set is plastic and not flexible.
If you use the plastic harder it will easily break.

The real Bekko one starts from 30 000 Yen, but if you want the faux Bekko
in support of animal protection, we have flexible plastic one for 25 000 Yen.

The sound difference of Bachi
There are two types of Tsugaru Shamisen's neck Futozao (Thick neck type) .
Neck for man is 31mm in width. Neck for woman 29mm. Please be careful when you buy used one.

Shamsen Case Buying Tips

Item 1: Hard Case 15000yen
Durable - it is able to absorb shock, but it's heavy, only has a handle, and is too large and bulky for trains. You cannot hang from shoulder. So this one is recommended when you move via car, train, bus, etc. Caution: the metal closing clasps sometimes do malfunction after long use, but you can still use it
Item 2: Shamisen-Shaped Soft Case 10000yen
This model is good for moving by train because it is not too bulky. The durability is not too bad. The bottom side is round, so you can't stand it up and you must lie it on its side. The metal parts for the shoulder straps sometimes break. But you can easily replace them.
Item3: Semi-Hard Case 15000yen
Allows you to carry your shamsen on your back. The case is semi-hard, so the durability is good enough. Like #1, it is big, so if you carry it on your back, the case will rise over your head. You have the option to carry it by its handle.

The difference between Mituori(3part neck) and solid(one neck)

  Solid neck is said to make better sound than Mituori neck, but
if you join the shamisen emsemble, solid neck is not recommended because it is bulkey, with changing room is
always narrow.

The weight of Sao(neck) itself is over 1200g, it's good Sao.
If you have any trouble with your shamisen , feel free to ask us.Less resonance, less comfortable,,, etc.

short koto with guitar peg , neo koto 1

with using guitar peg, you can restring by yourself.

you can get this koto at 68000yen(shipping to States will be about 9000yen, Europe 10000yen)

The song name is Shaei, compsosed by Hikaru Sawai?