Activity of passing on Japanese traditional culture to foreiners

I introduce my activity of passing on Japanese traditional culture

to foreigners on this page. If you are interested in Japanese traditional culture, I will take you a grand tour!!

koto 2020 Jan 12 Koto experience from Australia
He could played one song in one hour!

2020 Jan 12 Aikido Experience from France

He threw me in one hour!

olga 2019 Oct 16 Couple from Sweden and Russia came to Japan to
learn shamisen who wanted to learn it for a long time,
they bought it.
a March 5th 2016, Sonde from NY
a March 6th student 2016 From texas
a Januray 13th, angshuman from india
vasservasser November 5th ,2015, I performed and had lecture about shamisen at Vasser university In NY.

August 12th, 2015, I performed at sawanoya ryokan, this was the 7th time performance
after 6 years.

  2015 June 26th Josh from Canada learned shamsien during his summer vacation.
rei February 11th, 2015 Ray from the U.S started to learn tsugaru-jamisen.
aikidotruejapan June 27th, 2014
I offered Aikido and swordfight experience with the cordinate of True Japan.
Guests are all English speaking people, man was one, women were four.

Chinese student,Jo come to learn shamisen.He said his dream that he learn shamisen in Japan
came true!

aline 2014年01月22日
January 22th,2014 Aline from German join tsugaru-jamisen class,she was 180cm tall.
mazda November 4th , I performed at the incentive tour of mazda canada.Ten tsugaru-jamisen
performers are there.

May 29 ,2012 I had a lecture for certificated tour guide how to explain
Japanese Traditional Instruments.Over 20 people attend the lecture,
and Everyone tried instruments.


博物館 May 12th, 2012 I performed at Tokyo National Museum at the incentive tour
of SBM,the subsidiary of IBM.
eric johnson shamisen April 12, 2012 Eric Johnson from Austin colledge in Houston
come to learn shamisen during his short stay.
Introduced by shamisen-katoh.
erin January 30th, 2012 One of my student from Canada appeared on Tokyo shimbun.

September 18th, 2011, I orginezed the monthly event Japanese Lounge Night,
and played with kabuki performer Iemon. Event organizer from Houston John
Leigh was there.


December 30th, 2010 I perfromed at Nija Dojo at Tabata, customor from Taiwan
experienced ninja and shamisen.


December 8th,2010 Vitaly from German start to learn shamisen,
the lesson was only English!


November 23th I organized 20th anniversary of Japanese Lounge Night,the event
which introduce Japanese traditional cultures in English.
Satuma biwa ,Shakuhachi, Ninja performed there, and a student of mine kyle played.

saitensaitensaiten October 26th, 2010 I had the shamisen and koto experience booth
at Japanese language school student festival.
more than 50 foreign students experience koto and shamisen.

October 25th,2010 I and koto player hiroki played koto and shamisen
at the halloween party at English school for children.
We played ABC song and Five little monkeys by shamisen and koto.

kyle October 24th,2010 Kyle,a stundent of mine played shamisen at pinkcow in shibuya.
armoredshamisenninjamise October 23th, 2010 I played shamisen at Ninja experience class in Tabata.
denmarkembassy October 4th,2010 I played at Dennish embassy at the event of ISL,
I played Dennish national song by shamisen.

September 11th,2010 I played in srilanka festival at Yoyogi park
as the member of "Rock of asia"

sendagayasendagyasendagaya August 7th,2010 I hold koto and shamisen experience class at Sendagaya
Japanese language school for short stay foreign students.
germancellogermancellogermancello July 27th,2010 In asakusabashi, I hold koto and shamisen experience class
for the cello emsemble from Germany.
kokusaioffkokusaioffkokusaioff May 30th 2010, I holded international picnic of interanational exchange
in miix SNS BBS. Two chinese , one canadian total 14 people joined
the picnic.

April 21th 2010 I got two foreign studens.One is the student of temple
university, one is from California state.


April 11th 2010, I organized a event "Japanese lounge night" at pinkcow.
There were a lot of foreign audience. The second photo is NY-ya,
ukulele player from NY.

asiansmile March 22nd 2010, I appeared on TV program "Asian smile"
featuring korean student of waseda university.

February 5th,2010. Canadian English teacher come to learn okinawan


Feburuary 1st,2010 I peformed at NIshiasakusa, the home of tea ceremony
master Ohkawa sensei. I also made tea.


January25th,2010 I performed at pink cow in shibuya.
There are many foreign japanese traditional instrument player.
Andrea, tsugaru-shamisen player is from US,, koto player Alisa is from russia.

arcadiaarcadiaarcaida January 23th,2010 I performed at Arcadia ichigaya before the korean students
of school excursion.Namishima Yoko sensei, japanese traditional dancer,
had a kimono trial lesson.I played ariran by shamisen.
happouenhappouen January 18th,2010 I performed at Happouen, reception party from Germany.
I played Loreley and german anthem by koto and shamisen.
asiaaisasia December 19th, 2009 I played with Jim , Bassist from NY in the Rock Band.
I played koto and tsugarushamisen in the rockband at Otuka deepa in Japan.
calrosnagaminenagamine December 8th ,2009 I played with flamenco dancer from spain and dancer from
NY at the show of flamenco dancer Yasuko nagamine.
happouenhappouenhappouen November 17th, 2009 I performed at Happouen in Shiroganedai, Japan.
It was in the event for tourism field, there was an exbition of IJCEE, which
i am a board member of the NPO.I played shamisen and koto.
natejeremytom October 19th,2009 I performed at Aceinn, shinjuku akebonobashi.
There were many foreigners who study Japanese.
The first, nate from america, jeremy from canada, tom from sweden.

October 19th ,2009 I performed at cafe gallery chacha.
The photo is Gami san who plays shamisen.She was deeply intersted in koto.

kaminaga October 18th ,2009 I performed at pinkcow, There was a band of rap,
Didgeridoo and shakuhachi.

October 4th , 2009 I performed at ISL party.I played denmark anthem by shamisen.

kanagawaminamicircle September 25th,2009 I performed at welcome party of kanagawa minami circle.
The second photo is the people from Ghana and philipine.

September 21th ,2009, Chirs who is american took koto lesson at HIS experience.
She quickly learn modern tecniques.

pinkcowpinkcow September 20th,2009 I performed at pink cow. We were asked performance
at English embassy by the person who were intersted in Sanshin.
pinkcowpinkcwopinkcwo August 23th,2009 I performed at pink cow.I played with shinobue player,
matsukaze shion.
sawanoyasawanoyasawanoya June 30th,2009 I performed at sawanoya ryokan for 7th time.
I played with Kumiya fujimoto who teach shamisen for foreigners in Ueno.
神田の家kandanoie神田の家 June 6th and 7th,2009 I performed at Kanda no ie,traditional folk house
kanda in tokyo.Foreigners from sakura house came to listen to my music.
I played tsugaru-shamisen and koto.

May 24th,2009 I perfromed at Pink cow in shibuya.I performed with
English teacher Timson Masumi at aoyama gakuin university
who is kot player.The photo is keseki who plays sanshin.

MiechelleMiechelle May 21th,2009 I got a student from U.S.from HIS experience.
She study Japanese in university in Ohio,and went to temple university
in Minato-Ku ward. She said she wanted to study Japanese
because it is beautiful."

May 14th,2009 I got trial koto lesson at hotel seiyo in Ginza.
A customer is from Britain,and she played Sakura, and green sleeves.

This lesson is introduced by IJCEE.

pinkcow pinkcow2 pinkcow3 April 29th,2009 I perfromed at Pink cow in shibuya.Fujimoto kumiya
who has many foreign students performed with me.
I played with a student of mine who will study abroad.
kamiya April 25th,2009 I got two students from U.S.from HIS experience.
Koto player Mai kamiya helped me.Customer said they felt the fee is cheap.

February 19th, I got a singaporian tourist from HIS experience
He tried shamisen, sanshin, and koto.He liked sanshin,so
i introduced okinawan shop in ginza , Washita shop.

かりゆしかりゆし2かりゆし3 February 6th,2008 I brought two of my sanshin student to okinawan
restarurant and I played with them. One of them is translator,and
the other is foreign students of waseda univeisty.
He took other foreign students,so it was like a international party.
They are from Thailand,Singapore, China, Korea, USA.

September 28th, 2008 I gave trial lesson to the forein student
in Waseda Universtiy, He is ken from U,S.(originally from Thailand)
he looked for the sanshin teacher who speak English.
After this lesson, he decided to come to learn sanshin from me
regularly. He is introduced by 


September 14th ,2008 I played tsugaru-shamisn, koto and okinawan
sanshin before germany president as a guide tour cordinated by
IJCEE. I played germany folk song MUSS I DENN (Wooden heart) .
I explained about instruments in English.

sawanoya6-1sawanoya6-2sawanoya6-3 October 14th,2008 I performed at Sawanoya Ryokan
for the sixth time.This time I played australian national
anthem for australian cusomer.Japanese university
stuedent who is interested in the activity like this
wathed and decided to learn shamisen from me.
tukishima1tukishima2tukishima3 October 5th,2008 I performed at monja restaurant at
tukishima before the tourist form Northern Europe.
ISL requested to play, the headquater is on the
Denmark, so I played national anthem of denmark.
The third photo is the shamisen experience by the
person who played piano.


September 5th,2008
I started koto class for foreigners at HIS Experience.
She came to be able to play sakura(cherry blossom,
famous childeren's song )and serve her green tea.
Selwa is also learning kouta shamisen.
Application is from here
東京FMtokyofm2tokyofm3 August 8th,2008 I was in the radio Tokyo FM program
"Tapestry"I explained the difference between sanshin
and shamisen,and talk about the activity of passing on
Japanese culture for foreigners.I played Japanese POP
AERA English August 23th,2008,I appeared on Aera English October Editon.I talked about how to study English. It did feature on how to study Enlgish with low cost.I said "NHK Radio program is low price with good quality.The mind you want to convey is the most important thing."

July 26th,2008, I performed at freshness burger shinjukugyoen,Dutch man,Rob who liked koto came to
listen my music, and have him try instruments.I played
with koto player oyuki,and he asked why I perfom at the place like this,not at the concert hall, I replied "Even Japanese have few chance to this type of music, so it can be the good chance for Japanese."


June 3th, 2008, I performed at the school for the deaf,and I took James Harrison who is the friend of principal, to the tokyo tower, He was percussionist,
so he was most interested in wadaiko drum.


June 28th, 2008 I did a lecture concert of shamisen at ICFJ (Information Center for Foreigners in Japan).The korean woman on the last photo liked shamisen.The first photo's woman is from Enlgand, the second photo from Egypt.

5sawanoya15sawanoya25sawanoya3 June 26th, 2008 I performed at Sawanoya Ryokan for the 5th time.My shamisen student who is interpreter came to see my performance,so I let her explain about
Bon Dance.
20080606-1.jpg20080606-2.jpg20080606-3.jpg June 6th,2008 I hold a Japanese culture experience class at Sadachiyo Ryokann in Asakusa. Students of manabi language school tried Kembu, shamisen,koto, and kimono.There are a students from china, korea and russia.Some students said "It was fun, and I want to come again!"
miami.jpg May 19th,2008  I send interpreter as a COO of the IJCEE at the lecture of Japanese culture for foreign student of Miami.
iharacha1iharacha2 May 11th,2008  I joined the tea ceremony of my Ueada- soko ryu school company.The currators of the national palace museum in china , whose major was ceramics was there, so I explained about the meaning of procedure, They were surprized to know we use different utensils in each tea ceremony.

April 26,2008 I held a party of mixi commynity "International exchange" at Yoyogi park,Tokyo.
I played shamisen and have people try the instruments.
There are many foreigners,American, Honkong,etc.


April 4,2008 I taught Fairbanks who came to Japan to learn shamisen. Kumiya Fujimoto who hold English shamisen lesson,introduced her.

茶道会館茶道会館 April 4,2008 I joined a English tea ceremony lesson at Sado kaikan in Ushigome Yanagicho. This lesson is for Japanese who want to explain tea ceremony for foreigneres.
ezogoten April 2, 2008 I peformed at Ezo goten ,Japanese food restaurant for reception party for a foreigner. There are two giesha girl who speak English.
eshami March 14,2008 I introduced shamisen katoh ,shamisen shop for volunteer tour guide who want to have foreigners try traditional musical instruments.
sawanoyasawanoyasawanoya February 28th, 2008 I performed at Sawanoya Ryokan for the 4th time.The second photo Bruce from Wisconshin like tsugaru-jamisen music. The third photo Emma from Switzerland.They said they had good memory in Japan, so they go to various country for a trip.
ijcee January 19th, 2008 I performed at the party of Institute for Japanense cultural exchange and experience.Kiritani Erizabeth was there, and deliverd a lecture, I boiled down the summary as a staff.There were tour guides,Alc staff,JTB staff there
ブラジル大使館 January 17th,2008 I performed at Brazil embassy in Japan. It is Japan Brazil exchange year this year.
Brazil ambassador,Louise is in the photo.

December 18th,2007 I peformed at the even "Visit Japan Campaign Incentive Showcae 2007"I play with the Japanese juggling "EdoDaikaguara"and I saw the director of JNTO(Japanese National tourist Organization) .

sawanoyasawanoyasawanoya September 21, 2007 I performed at Sawanoya Ryokan for the 3rd time.I play Akatonbo(dragonfly)and amazing grace by koto. The third photo is Jenifer from Brazil.
toeic October 28, 2007 I got the score of 740 at the Toeic test ,which is the level I can work at international department, in the foreign affiliated company.
houston1houston2houston3 October 20th,2007 I and koto player hiroki performed at International cultural festival 2007 at Chiba city, Japan with houston music exchange group.I played Japanese traditional children's song"red dragonfly"with coutry musicians(The third photo) and at the last of event, I play "Deep in the heart of Texas"with coutry musicians, gospel musicians(The second photo) I was interviewed in English on stage.
kokusaikomyumixikokusai October 11th,2007 On Social Networking site "mixi" I acceded the post of the second moderator for the bulletin board of international exchange(The number of members is over 10,000 people)
fac1fac2fac3 October 6th,2007 Spanish restaurant "el"at Hiroshima city, I played shamisen at the 10th anniversary of FAC(Focus on Asia Club),a international exchange club which I belonged to when I was a student.The first photo is foreign student Pepijn from the Netherland.

September 16th,2007 WhattheDickensEbisu,Tokyo,Japan.I performed at "Save Darfur"an charity event of Amnesty International Group78.
I played John lennon's "Imagine" by shamisen with


July 21th,2007: I played with oud, indian dance, belly dance and dabracca at shinjukugyoen andzone. The second photo is with oud player paul,and the third one
is shamisen and koto by body painting.


May 26th,2007:I performed with hiroki at Blue bell Japan,
whose cenral office is in France.The CEO is French,
and there were many foreigners.


May 22th,2007:I performed at Sawanoya Ryokan for the second time.The parents of dancing woman on the second photo is from okinawa.The third photo is Tony Smith who is the economic professor at Yale University.

aikidosyodan有段者手帳 May 10th,2007:I got black belt in Aikido at head quater of Aikikai foundation. I found Aikido club when I was a colledge student ,it took me 4 years.
sawanoya1sawanoya2sawanoya3 March 14th,2007 :I played shamisen,sanshin and koto at Sawanoya Ryokan in Yanaka Taito district,Japan.The middle photo is Blendan, from Ohio. He plays guitar and likes koto best.
fiddler2fiddler1 October 7th,2006 : I played shamisen,sanshin and koto at Fiddler in Takadanobaba Shinjuku,Japan.Photo is Jessica Gibson and her manager from California.

August 5th,2006 : I brought Tsugaru-shamisen to the international exchange party at Tokyo loose,Kabukicho,Shinjuku district,Japan.


July 15,2006 : I played Koto at dayclub cultural exchange party at Nakameguro,Japan.The second photo is Jake,from Seatle, and the woman on the third photo is from Bulgaria.

ココクラブ1ココクラブ2ココクラブ3 June 24,2006 : I performed at English conversation cafe in Nishi-nippori, Japan. Talking in English, I performed. English teacher and Japanese tried instruments.

May 27,2006 : I performed at wedding in the Cerulean Tower Hotel in Shibuya, Japan.The wedding for Australian and Japanese.The bridegroom was an Australian, so there are many foreigners.I played weddingmarch by shamisen.


May 20, 2006 : I performed at Gamuso,Asagaya,Japan.
The photo is with shopowner Herman(Canadian).The professor of Kanda University of International Studies was in the audience.

国際交流オフ会2国際交流オフ会3international exchange

May 14, 2006 : I played at the event of international exchange in Yoyogi Park.(Korean,India,U.S.A) I played Korean traditional folk song, and I played Kacharshy which is the song for okinawan dance.

No Photo

April 29, 2006 : I played three Japanese traditional instruments at Gamuso in Asagaya.The shopowner is Englis and there are many foreigners..

No Photo

March 25.2006 : I played instruments for Korean people at the event of friendship between Korea and Japan at Ehime Prefecture in shikoku, Japan.

warren March 20,2006 : I gave a classical guitarist Warren Japanese traditional culture tour.I took him Aikido Practice, I made green tea ,I played instruments with him at my home.
pinkcow March 5, 2006 : I played instruments at the artist from NY(chomp chomp) at Harajuku

February 12,2006 : I guided English teacher,chad callauner to the All Japan traditional martial ways demonstrations.

No photo

January 29, 2006 : I played Japan, China,Korea Friendship song by shamisen at Waseda, shinjuku district, Japan.


September 10,2005 : I played instruments and did tea ceremony at Oak wood residence in Harajuku,Japan

No photo August ,2005 : I added the glossary of shamisen terms on my website.